About Exhale Fans


The origin of the Exhale Fan was prompted to provide a true evolution apart from the typical the bladed ceiling fan. As a company our dedication is to our customers, we have and always will always give unparalleled service. From engineering to customer service our dedication is the hallmark of our commitment to this new and unique ceiling fan.

Through years of research and development, the entire team at Exhale Fans has dedicated itself to perfect the original concept of a bladeless fan. This effort paved the way for the success of our Flagship model, the EF-34.The production of the EF-34 met the original goal of balancing the entire temperature of a room and creating a comfortable environment. Today thousands of homes and businesses are experiencing the comfort that is the Exhale Fan.

We have succeeded by creating an unmatched effective ceiling fan that provides true comfort and temperature balance that no other ceiling fan can deliver.

  • Quality Perfected
  • Enjoy the comfort you deserve
  • Sleep with perfection
  • Less than 15 minute instillation